Hayden Baker Song Jumps 27 Spots on Spotify

Hayden Baker – Diana Darr Photography

KATY (Covering Katy News) – In its first two weeks on the chart, Katy artist Hayden Baker has seen his single, How It Used To Be jump 27 spots on the most streamed Texas/Red Dirt singles chart on Spotify. The song is from his debut album, Born In The Wrong Generation.

Spotify acknowledged the rising popularity of Hayden’s music with his own station, Hayden Baker Radio. The strength of this first single and the entire album has proven Hayden Baker is defining the next generation of great songwriters.

“The fact that we’ve seen How It Used To Be rise on the Texas Music Pickers Spotify chart with zero promotion is a true testament to the song itself,” Baker said. “I’m very proud of that, considering it was the first song I ever attempted to write.”

From his grandparent’s ranch, a place where he draws a lot of inspiration, Hayden spoke about the process of writing his very first song, “How It Used To Be,” and the guitar riff that in just one day would become his second single, “How Many Beers.” He recently got the chance to perform both live when opening for the great Willie Nelson.

Get to know Hayden Baker a bit better as a songwriter and performer in this short VIDEO below.

Hayden is already working on his second album and will be touring this summer.

Born In The Wrong Generation perfectly blends Hayden’s favorite classic country sound with fresh lyrics and complex guitar solos. These seven original songs exemplify the breadth of Hayden’s natural songwriting prowess and showcase his talent as a guitar prodigy. His playing has attracted attention from many country music superstars including Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn, and his guitar hero, Brad Paisley, who has publicly praised Hayden’s guitar talent.

Born In The Wrong Generation is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Listen HERE

Track Listing:
1. How Many Beers (H. Baker)
2. I’ve Been Here Before (J. Adcock, H. Baker)
3. How It Used To Be (H. Baker, C. Smith)
4. Guitargasm (Instrumental) (H. Baker)
5. Hell Raisin’ Music (H. Baker)
6. Let Me In (H. Baker)
7. The Fishin’ Song (Bonus) (H. Baker, R. Baker)

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