Alamo Drafthouse provides early look at soon to open LaCenterra location

These are the seats and tables found in the new Alamo Drafthouse’s eight theaters. Covering Katy photo D. Spellman

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Local media was provided with a sneak-peek at the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at LaCenterra on Wednesday, and Covering Katy was on the short list of invitees. The dine-in theater opens in July and will be a state-of-the-art operation from its laser projectors and luxury seating to its kitchen and draft beer chilling cooler. It will be a large operation with 175 employees and eight auditoriums for watching movies, one more screen than the original location on Mason Road, which closes on June 21.

See all of our photos of the new Alamo Drafthouse Theater at the bottom of this story.

The grand opening is July 20 but the Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra’s soft opening training days are from Monday, July 2 through Thursday, July 19. During this time food and non-alcoholic beverages will be sold at a discount. The movie selection for the soft opening will feature the release of two highly anticipated sequels: “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” and “The Equalizer 2.” Guests will be able to reserve their seats online for the soft opening and the grand opening in the coming days.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new and improved Alamo Drafthouse experience to Houston film lovers,” said Neil Billingsley-Michaelsen, president and CEO of Triple Tap Ventures LLC, the owner and operator of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations in Houston. “We cannot wait to provide our guests the Alamo Drafthouse’s signature movie-going experience in this state-of-the-art facility.”

The new facility will still offer full in-theater dining service, new releases, classics, independent films, foreign movies and Alamo Drafthouse’s unique signature programming. All theaters will feature 4K digital projection and state-of-the-art digital surround sound. Additionally, each auditorium eliminates the traditional front row, ensuring every seat in the house allows for a great viewing experience. We sat in the front row and found that view was good, and the screen was positioned so that your neck didn’t have to reach an unusual state of contortion in order to comfortably watch the film.

Alamo says it’s not going to lose its eclectic identity by moving to a state-of-the-art facility.

“It’s about giving the best experience for our guests,” said Robert Saucedo of Alamo Drafthouse.

Saucedo says the Mason Park location simply has limitations because it’s an older facility.

“It’s a 30-year-old building with all the limitations of a 30-year-old building,” Saucedo said.

The Mason Road location allowed people to enter and enjoy food and drink without going to the movie but the LaCenterra location provides a separate entrance to an adjacent bar/lounge for people who don’t have time for a movie but want to stop by the theater to enjoy their scratch food menu, a draft brew or wine-on-tap served from pressurized kegs to keep it fresh. It will also have outdoor patio seating. The lounge will also serve about 50 varieties of whiskey, some of them will be hard to find elsewhere. The price of some bottles will be in the $300 range.

Have no fear, beer is still king at Alamo. Known primarily for its large selection of draft beers, the facility will dedicate about half its taps to Houston area craft brews including Katy’s own No Label selections. That means there will be about 20 local microbrews.

“We’ll have 46 beers on tap in this room,” said General Manager Melissa Corke while standing in the lounge area.

Film fanatics can join a film club. Members will enjoy an interesting movie followed by a discussion of the motion picture in the lounge. Many of the movie club films will be shown in a small theater that will hold about 50 people. That theater will also be available to the public for special showings and parties.

Alamo will continue its “No Talking or Texting” during the film policy where the ordering of food is done by writing your selections on a piece of paper so that no conversation with your waiter is needed as others are watching the film. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy curated pre-show entertainment. Instead of a barrage of advertising, Alamo Drafthouse presents a pre-show of rare and often hilarious clips specifically tailored to the feature film.

Alamo will also continue to offer it’s Alamo for All movie program for young families and guests with special needs where the lights are turned up but the sound is turned down.

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Multiple special events have already been scheduled for Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra:

“Animal House” Movie Party – July 3

“Jaws” Movie Party – July 8

“Wizard of Oz” Movie Party – July 14

“The Room” with star Greg Sestero Live – July 28

The best way to stay up to date on all Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra announcements and be the first to know about upcoming events is to join the Alamo Drafthouse Victory Program. Victory is the Alamo Drafthouse’s free rewards program, where every member enjoys at least three free movies a year and additional surprise rewards. Also, all of the latest news and updates can be found by following the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema LaCenterra website and social channels:


Twitter: @houstonalamo


LaCenterra is located on Cinco Ranch Boulevard at the Grand Parkway across from Cinco Ranch High School.

The Alamo Drafthouse is in the rear of the shopping center just beyond World of Beer backing up to the Grand Parkway.

See our photos below:

The row of taps in the lounge area of the new Alamo Drafthouse at LaCenterra – Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


Preparations are underway at the new Alamo Drafthouse at LaCenterra. This photo is of the lounge area. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


The bar and lounge area of the new Alamo Draft House at LaCenterra is being prepared for next month’s opening. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


A row of beer taps in the kitchen that will soon be operational. Beer for the movie theater patrons will be poured in the kitchen to reduce activity in the lounge area. All of the tap beer will come from a single walk-in cooler in the kitchen where dozens of kegs will be kept pressurized for optimum freshness. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


The pizza oven and the pizza preparation area of the kitchen.  Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


A portion of the kitchen area that is being set up by work crews for the July opening of the new Alamo Drafthouse. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


The special walk-in cooler which will soon be filled with kegs of beer that are connected to taps in the kitchen and the lounge. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


The system that will keep keg beer fresh. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


This is the Alamo’s largest theater and it’s being prepared for the opening next month. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


The second floor has a long hallway where all the projectors for eight theaters are located. The Alamo Drafthouse will have two full-time projector operators so there is always a person on duty monitoring each screen. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


A close up of a state of the art Sony projector. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


A man inspects one of the projectors. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman


A workman gets a ventilation grate ready in the lounge area. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman

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