Damian Neveaux with the KKK flier and the bag it came in with rocks to weight it down. Covering Katy photo


KATY, TX (Covering Katy) – A neighborhood in the Falcon Ranch subdivision of Katy had fliers claiming to be from the Ku Klux Klan on front lawns Monday morning.  The message “seal the border-protect our nation.”  Each flyer was folded up in a zip lock sandwich bag and weighted down with small landscaping rocks so they wouldn’t blow away.

The flier still in an unopened package in the gutter of the Falcon Ranch neighborhood. Covering Katy photo
The flier still in an unopened package in the gutter of the Falcon Ranch neighborhood.
Covering Katy photo

Damian Neveaux is an African American who says he remembers the Klan when he was growing up in Port Arthur, Texas so he was a little shocked to find the flyer on his lawn.

“Your first thought is wow I’ve seen these guys do some pretty heinous acts over my time,” Neveaux said.

The lynchings, the cross burnings and the fear of being caught in the wrong section of town after dark all came back as he held the flier.

“You know when you take off the uniform and you camouflage it with something else but the intent is still there, the hate.” Neveaux says he didn’t find the message of the flier offensive but he does not believe the clan is going to be the organization that will find a solution to the border security issues of the United States.  He also says the KKK does not represent the type of people who live in Katy.

“Katy is a pretty multicultural city so you would assume that everything is pretty fine and dandy between the races.  It seems we all gel together pretty well out here,” Neveaux said.

Neveaux contacted Covering Katy because many of his neighbors are not originally from the United Sates and he does not want them to get involved with an organization that they know little about.

Covering Katy called the number on the flier to seek comment and confirm that the Klan has been targeting Katy.  We left a message on voice mail but so far have not received a return call.

Many of the lawns still had the fliers on them on Wednesday morning.

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Featured image:  Damian Neveaux holds the flier and the bag it came in complete with small rocks to keep it from blowing away.


  1. Andrew I hear what your saying but I watched a documentary one day and they were interviewing a Skin Head and he said that the Tea Party finally gave the KKK and like minded people a voice in politics. He bragged about how now they have a say; So while I understand what your saying I respectfully disagree.

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