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Below is an open letter to the Katy School District written by Superintendent Alton Frailey.

Have you driven recently across the Grand Parkway extension and noticed the number of new residential and commercial construction projects emerging just north of I-10?  Just less than a decade ago this was vast open land, rice farms and cattle.  Soon there will be bustling streets and housing complexes, like we have seen in other parts of Katy.

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Alton Frailey
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It’s amazing to witness what Katy has become in such a short period of time – one of the nation’s fastest growing suburbs known and envied for its schools and strong economy.

This is an exciting time for Katy ISD as we experience such exponential growth.  More families and businesses are moving here because they, like you, believe in the value of our community and schools.  But in order to continue to thrive, it is imperative that we build tomorrow together to adequately serve the educational needs of our students, today and in years to come.

Through data presented annually by our District demographers, PASA, and discussions with residential developers, we’ve been able to identify future enrollment projections and where we will see many new neighborhoods within the next couple of years.  This will inevitably bring many of our campuses to full capacity and create a pressing need to provide additional classroom space throughout Katy ISD.

So last night our staff presented to the Board a presentation on a proposal for developing a facilities review and bond process to help us begin to meet the growing demands and inevitable outcomes of our schools’ reputation and strong economy.  These steps are instrumental to ensure that the quality educational opportunities our students receive today continue to keep pace with our growth.

The Board will now take some time to process the proposal presented to them.  Rest assured I will keep you updated and hope you will support our efforts as we move forward with our growth plans throughout the year.  Let’s build tomorrow together!


Alton Frailey, Superintendent

Katy Independent School District