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AUSTIN (Covering Katy) – This 4th of July people who buy fireworks and need to transport them through places where they’re not legal will not have to worry about breaking the law.

Governor Rick Perry
Governor Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) has just signed a new law stipulating if the fireworks are in still in a package or box, kept someplace besides the passenger area, it is ok to take travel through areas where fireworks are banned. The fireworks can be kept in a glove box, truck or if the vehicle has no trunk, the space behind the last upright seat. This law only applies to transport.

Not only are fireworks not allowed in the City of Houston but people weren’t even allowed to travel through the city with them, even if they were new and still boxed. Many people found their pyrotechnics confiscated even when they were on the way to use them in an area where fireworks are legal.

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